Thursday, October 14, 2010



Suicidally and religiously, I'm in love with my early morning vinyasa sessions. If I'm not already awake after half a cup of hot tea, then the class does the job for me. Yesterday morning, I had a Genetics assignment to turn in post-yoga and so I brought to class my oversized, soft-leather, vintage Oroton clutch with the assignment, my keys, and cellular tucked inside. The connection: I'm also deathly in love with the use of massive clutches for day. Forgive me for the following The Hills reference, but when Kristin Cavallari went on a luncheon with such a bag as her companion, I predicted a trend in motion. And while I'm not need-say gung ho for every fad, this one is definitely a good day trend to fetch in my book. It messes with the idea that only certain items belong in certain venues; not always the case, evidently. Variations allow for...well...variation. For the love or tire of them, a what's-in-my-bag post:


† long MK wallet.

† pocket mirror, kohl water-proof liner, YSL concealer, tweezers, balm.
† lighter (I don't puff, but you never know when it might be necessary).

† itouch.

† gum.

♥ te amo,

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  1. lovely pictures!!!! and that would be cool to do a photoshoot together!!!!!

  2. Finding the perfect clutch bag is SO hard imo, but yours looks awesome! ♥ & omg 5 gum is my favourite too, haha~

  3. OMG that clutch is very pretty! I'm a big fan of really nice leather and the smell of authentic leather haha. I'm inspired, I wanna do an inside-my-bag as well.

    Love your blog and you're very beautiful, will def come back ;)

  4. First bag is so damn lovely!

  5. The jewellery overload in the second picture is amazing, thanks for sharing!

  6. i love this clutches!!!

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    xoxo from rome


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