Tuesday, October 12, 2010


dress: f21. cardigan: cable&gauge.

Featured Forever21's $20 dress is surprisingly versatile: silk-like enough to wear over sandals during hot summers, but lengthy enough to keep warm with thick leggings and a good wedge or otherwise chunky heel during the nippy falls. Naked shoulders for the primary, healthy layers (think chunky scarf + trimmed, warm jacket) for the latter. It folds well over a belt to sport it knee-length. Further, the calculated stitches across the breast keep the shape from being too unshapely; F21 here produces a cloth that hugs the silhouette in all the right places. And because the weather is currently intermediate--hence a summer floor-sweeper and cardigan combo-- I can broadcast my shape for a little bit longer this year. And this is because the weather is also deliberating on when it will officially turn into fall; not that the calendar's solstice hasn't already made it official.... That is to say, when my desktop weather widget (accurately) predicts a consistent forecast of drizzle and drear is when I'll feel most settled. Because that is when I won't have to guess if the sun being out means it's warming enough for a tee and scarf or just being a nasty tease and demanding I sport both sunshades and a good coat.

♥ te amo,

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  1. That dress is just fabulous! F21 produces another winner ♥ Love how you offset the monotones of the dress with that bright blue cardi too~ looks gorgeous with your long dark locks!

  2. love the dress on you, you are very pretty, great style

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  3. this dress looks sooo good on you! snaps to f21. thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, but noooo where near tall enough to enter into antm haha. but thankyou for the kind words (:


  4. I really like the print, and that you wore it with that pretty top.


  5. It is very pretty I love it. You look fierce

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  6. looooooooooove this dress!
    i just bumped into your blog! it's so interesting!

    xoxo from rome

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  8. fantastisc! it looks very good on you, and i love the blazer/cardigan!

  9. I'm totally head over heels for that cardigan!

  10. That's a stunning outfit. Really love the dress...and for $20!?

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