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In view of the back-to-school season, I prioritized my outfit shopping to (surprise, surprise) dark-dyed basics. I popped into a GAP the week before move-in day to scrounge through their shelves and racks of staples and came upon this ultra comfy cotton + silk charcoal, scoop neck sweater. Perfect draping. Perfect length. And for $20, the perfect sub for the $200+ Autumn Cashmere number I was set on buying... So I grabbed the navy blue V-neck cotton + cashmere version (for 19) as well... Rejoice for layerable, wash-and-wear staples.
And while GAP is a healthy appetite-filler, it's not my top pick for foundational pieces; but only because I'm a steady believer in quality over quantity. If I was a rich man, the bulk of my closet staples would be courtesy of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsens' luxury line, The Row... Forget the Klondike bar. What I would do to wear those Stratton Pull-on leggings... As MK Olsen quoted in her Marie Claire September 2010 interview [of the sisters' work on the line]: “For us, everything starts with the fabric. Only after we’ve picked the fabrics do we start thinking about the silhouettes and the inspiration.” Amen.
If you don't have well-draped fabrics for your basics, your wardrobe is in the dumps. And a happy mean between $20 pullovers and $425 leggings would have to be in part because of the impressive Alexander Wang. Wang has most recently been among the fashion news buzz for a quickly approaching new clothing branch. Wwd.com posted early June of this year that Wang "announced an as yet unnamed new collection of 'essentials,' which will open with a soft launch with resort, as well as his first-ever store due 'sometime this year' in New York." Granted, the price range maxes at around $500 (whereas it is around 500 that The Row minimizes). But Wang looks to be working diligently to keep our closets from suffering malnutrition, especially with his highly successful, year old T line. According to his July-2010's interview in ELLE, the T line alone makes a rough 8 milllion out of his "24 million dollar empire." It's a little naughty that I use the black T tank I bought to workout and sleep in, along with layering it for daily wear; but it only proves that the T line is comfortable and holistic, no? Besides, the same ELLE interview describes it as one of "of slouchy, slept-in-looking cottons." How can I not abuse it?

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  1. this is beautiful, my boyfriend and i are moving to a new place soon an this post reminds me that i wanted to have clothing racks in the open instead of closets.


  2. your boots are amazing! and well done for sticking to basics, i always end up buying something that i can just never find anything to wear with...


  3. Anonymous30.9.10

    great blog! enjoying reading you!
    i love a.wang, he knows how to make the most comfortable pieces yet very stylish

  4. Hi there! What a lovely blog you have!..
    You are very talented and you have a great sence of style. Inspiring!

    Love from Stockholm!!..


  5. Great style! I agree quality staples are essential and love how you've layered this look

    Hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke

    Minnie x

  6. The shoes are to die for.


  7. great outfit

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  8. You look beautiful, you have THE best collarbone structure and glossy skin haha in a non-creepy way. I think its smart to stick to basics also than to be a slave to trends. I have so much love for the Olsens and the way they've carried themselves & their businesses over the years. Super smart.

    Yea i think Nicole is prob one of the few girls that can wear a lampshade on her head and pull it off! So cute. I want the furry clutch too


  9. Your outfit looks amazing..i love the socks over the tights and the boots :) Very cute!



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