Monday, May 3, 2010



I know spring means showers. But they should be the warm, pleasant showers instead of the weekly forecast of thunderstorms and sadness. So i'll ta
ke Maria's advice and make a list of my favorite things. + I'm also killing two birds with one stone because Fashion Illusion tagged me, and the requirement stands that I have to list 10 of my favorite things. (Warning: they are in no particular order nor are these even my top 10 favorite things):

† smooth, naked legs with over-sized tees.
† butter-soft leather.
† npr's world cafe.
† star-studded skies ventral to silky sands.
† the occasional grande, skinny vanilla latte.
† finger baubles and freshly painted nails.
† strong drinks.
† lacy underwear.
† good runs + gym hour + yoga.
† nude lips and thick lashes.

So I cheated by combining...
Your list, now, please. (Cheating is allowed).

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  1. I love your list - it's so specific and unique.
    what a good idea, a lot of people have been doing this lately and it never gets old for me!

    oversized tees, vanilla lattes, freshly painted nails, nude lips, thick lashes.. <33

    but I know seriously.. wtf spring INDEED.
    every other day it's been pouring, grayness.

  2. Your list is spot on! good runs/gym/yoga is what I am needing this week...glad you added that one in. Like that black'n'white pic too. x

  3. love the black/white photo :)

  4. love your collection of photos.. such a great collage =)

    Stop by our new fashion blog, we hope you love it !

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. Your list is perfect. Especially about the butter-soft leather and freshly painted nails!

  6. beautiful outfits, we love the "fuck" haha
    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam



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