Sunday, January 3, 2010


dress: juju. heels: nine west. purse: louis vuitton. coat/shawl: grandmother's handmedown.

My last night in '09 was spent in the lovely cold. Good company and I walked down to the dock to catch the Space Needle's firework show. A captivating display, it was.

Happy New Year
Hurrah for kisses, champagne, and not being able to hail a taxi.
And as much as i complain, NYE back in the city was greatly appreciated.
I do hope you all partied hard for your oldselves.

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  1. thanks jess. your so hot.

    love your photos + blog

    xoxo andy

  2. so sorry about your dress but fireworks for nye sounds magical :)

  3. Brilliant compilation indeed! And great look lady!

    Love Grace.

  4. you're such a cutie! thanks so much for the comment, your blog is fucking dope. i'm following :)

    by the way, i love your hair

  5. love your gloves! gorgeous. and ya, on guam you're totally legal. i remember going for a semester for college and laughing about how i didn't know what drink to order, yet my cousins who were all a year younger did.


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