The never-ending search for the perfect, white t-shirt might have actually, actually come to an end. It stood as sophistocat Ashley Olsen's mission a rough two years ago and, thanksbetoGod, it evolved into her completely wearable line of clothing. You all know it. The Row:


It's ironic to know that the end result (the white tee of effortlessness) was a consequence of frequent wardrobe changes. Fussy lady. How often do you rearrange (or completely swap!) your outfit in the mornings?

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  1. Somehow, the most simple things are the most hard to find - I have looked in every store possible but I just can't seem to get a hold of a plain white Tee!
    I change my outfit at least 738219374 times even if I am just going to a friends house. ;)


  2. Ohhh my,I have the same search mission as you !! Like the one MKA designed,the all time perfect deconstructed tee,ahhhhhh. So so beautiful:)

    Awwww,it maybe weird to make a video at 1st,but you'll get used to it.
    Okay I go google videos on those jeans

  3. The grey fur-jacket from the last pic? I would like to own it... :)

  4. I love that great bomber-so beautiful!

  5. love the see through teeshirt


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