Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dress: Jahta | Shrug: {vintage, unbranded} | Belt: Eileen Fisher | 
Boots: {Portugese cobbler, unbranded} | Clutch: {vintage, unbranded} 

TUESDAY. Being Spring's posterior, I'll dare to say I've had a timely return to my stomping grounds. Though my last three months abroad have been in company of many sun rays, Seattle summers are something of fairytales. 

Soooo, what better way to spend my re-assimilating period, than to tromp around in a newly minted designer's sun-friendly frock? I met Jahrden Nadi of the soon-to-come line Jahta (see her Instagram, here) at a popular breakfast spot in Varanasi, and we melded over our love of muted "colors" and comfy fabrics. She gave me the first successful copy of this creme-colored, raw silk dress to style in city streets, and I took that as an opportunity to throw on a knit shrug in the same family of beige and my grungiest boots and faux-croc clutch. Because, doll up, doll down.

I asked Jahrden to reveal the meaning behind her brand name and vision. The Israeli designer chose the Hindi translation for dreads ("Jata" / जट) to represent her creations that are predominately handmade and in natural fabrics. The cloths come in black (our favorite) and un-dyed (necessary) to represent Jahrden's binary worlds - the "light and dark, city or village, good or bad ... [she likes] to show the contrast between super natural cloths that fit to realistic life." Her unique cuts in this basic palette align so well with my wardrobe philosophy and aesthetic. Whether worn layered or naked, her looks are guaranteed to fit into most closets, from desert dwellers to temperate temps. (Read: Do brunch in L.A. or caffeinate in Seattle alleyways.) More on her upcoming line, soon! 

Monday, May 8, 2017


SATURDAY. Had to be dragged out of Varanasi with great force as a couple weeks in shanti land did not satiate. But I'm glad to have comforts I typically take for granted like running water, running potable water, and not having to guard your life (and mangoes) from Rhesus Macaques. Spent most of my days there in a layering of dark dyes... cotton tunic, the newest trusty pleather sandals, and exercise trousers. 

te amo, 

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Tank: Eileen Fisher | Pant: unbranded | Belt: from Zucca jacket | Tote: Zucca

FRIDAY. Sometimes I like a flower alive.
I was given this rose while exploring the side streets of Myeik last week and am almost sure that the trimming was sold to go to any one of the pagoda-situated Buddha statues. Enjoying the sun in this linen, thick-sleeved tank and a one-size fits all sort of deal pant I found in Krabi Town market the week prior. (Hence the makeshift pant-waist belt that came from my Zucca jacket...) All this city/country bouncearounding has me thinking I've been away longer than I have. With about three weeks left until Seattle is back on the horizon, I should like to think it will basically be summer, then. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Cardigan: REI | Top: Eileen Fisher | Leggings: Akira Chicago 

THURSDAY. Just the standard leather legging and drapey lapels -- spelled B-L-A-C-K

Monday, April 3, 2017


MONDAY. After playing with this newly market-bargained blouse a few times, I decided that I'm going to take a de-seamer to it once I get back home and edit out the forefront ruffles. If you have any opposition to it, I'll hear you out (I guess, but I'm pretty convinced) I like one attention whore at a time, please. Favoring the fan sleeves on this one.


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