Saturday, October 10, 2015


SATURDAY. Will miss the (charmingly impractical) cobblestone roads that accompanied much of my Eurotrip explorations. Among many many other things. But I am happy to say that the period of post-backpacking adjustments have so far been not as painful as I expected them to be. Although, I've spent the past week oscillating between "pounding out a bunch of errands" and "lazing around doing nothing productive whatsoever." Call that balance, maybe... but the way I'm going about it, I call it confusion. Not to mention the fact that I'm midway between a 2-week tease period of actually being home in Seattle (and autumn, for that matter) because I'm headed HOME HOME to Guam next week! With a tropical forecast of warmth and rain (bleck you, Typhoon Season...) In the meantime, here's a wool sweater I got in Dublin weirdly paired with a pair of lacy pajama shorts. 
Because I've lost all sense of... sense.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


London Fashion Week Day 1

WEDNESDAY. Ok, I know I headed this post like I'd be following up with more fashion week documentation, but don't you dare expect such a thing. I only got to be in London for Day 1 of their turn and -- by way of cowardice and a laggy iPhone -- took what eye-catching outfits/outfit pieces I could. So as fashion month comes to a close and my re-assimilation to the U.S. begins (cheeseburgers, no conversions, and not living out of a backpack PLEASE), I hereby empty my phone's contents onto my laptop for final release. And so I sit here, in my own room, in a fresh pair of undies, drinking an embarrassing American beer at 5am because "no job" and "jet lag," glad to have access to a full wardrobe again.  



Friday, September 18, 2015


 Jacket: Nafnafnafnaf | Shirt: Zara | Pants: St. Tropez | Boots: Graceland

FRIDAY. Just not knowing what to do with my face, hands, life as per usual. At this point in the backpacking game, I've accumulated many random clothing items that I'm wearing all at once because it's cold. Suede Zara dress turned shirt-tucked-into-jeans, for example. Just a couple weeks left and I can return to the more extensive selection that is my closet. In other news, it's day one of London Fashion Week and guess where I happen to be? Talk later, Loves. 



Wednesday, September 9, 2015



WEDNESDAY. When I do lace, I typically opt for the Chantilly variety just because I feel that A) it's more feminine and B) less difficult to come off as a cheap tack-on from the local craft store. So when I saw a Zara mannequin sporting my dream tank -- after my friend dragged me into the shop, and not witnessed of my own accord of course... -- I caved. Low back, silky double layers, and a low-V masked by my favorite lace. September announced itself loudly, so I've been pairing it with a warm grandpa cardigan thrifted in Montmartre last week. Now in Dublin, where fall is definitely here. Time to warm up with good ol' Jameson. 


Sunday, August 23, 2015


Tshirt/sweats/Backpack: Zara | Sandals: Sanuk 

SUNDAY. This is probably the best representation of my backpacking drabs, most especially while exploring Istanbul where -- even though I could have worn sleeveless, legless garments -- I opted to cover up. And like all thin linens that go through intense wash and wear cycles, these articles are falling to pieces. I've about 5 weeks left of my travels, so we shall see how long these last. In the meantime, Turkish tea and market shopping for the win.


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