Monday, June 13, 2016


MONDAY. Of this. Less of that. More reaching out(side), hours with good company, happy drinking, looking up, positivism... less anxiety, material baggage, excuses for laziness, excuses period. Also, less clothes. That's where my mind was, all of May. fyi.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Slip: Spanx | Pants: Anne Kleine | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Shades: unbranded vintage, London | Blazer: unbranded vintage, Tokyo

MONDAY. Precisely when you think you're being fashion ninja, your mother reveals that she's some equal kind of sneaky. Like when you assume you can get away with an oversize nude slip as a top, spring dress, whatever exposed article of clothing... but actually no, she spills your secret in front of Dad and Brother over brunch. Mother-daughter disagreements aside, layering undergarb with professional-ish clothing is going to be a spring thing thing. These super touch-friendly suede trousers (hand-picked by my mother *hem hem*) meld so well with the inappropro clothing article for my sun-time aesthetics. So there.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Coat: custom | Jeans: Idle Minds | Tops: (grey) H&M (taupe) Vince |
Ring: Open the Cellar Door 

WEDNESDAY. What better way to spend a sunny, winter day than in multiple layers and a bottomless mimosa brunch with an insulated view of the cold, said-sunny outdoors? Do tell. These trusty $3 jeans I got eons ago...and accidentally customized with one part alcohol, two parts dog-wrestling... are still my go to casual jean. Worn this day layered under shades of grey and an old blanket I got in India turned car coat by a talented friend who does such things just for fun... Damn crafty people.  

Friday, January 1, 2016


FRIDAY. Well, the title felt weird to type... 2016... Funny stuff, time. I got to spend the last week of 2015 in L.A., visiting old friends, enjoying their so-called "winter" weather with not much else than a thinly lined coat. And after last night's shenanigans, nothing really represents how I'd like to dress today outside a loose, men's t-shirt, stretchy pants, and flats. Going to really try to play up my creative layering game this year.

Your goals? 


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