Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WEDNESDAY.  I settled for a silk jumper to be my new fall transition piece via ASTR for Nordstrom. Cinched waist line and tapered-in pant gives less of that garage uniform and more of a feminine silhouette... though these falling apart, dusty boots don't help...  I'll mostly keep the neckline low and add a peek of lace from an otherwise incognito cami or default to the lazy bra exposure route. Or maintain in line professionally with a slim blazer and sensible heels or ballets. Switch shoes out for the 5" variety and throw on any statement bauble for after work drinks. And it is definitely compliant enough to pair with sneakers for fussless errand-running, too. Layer a fitted, shorter or cropped pullover for a general fall uniform. I love a good, easy one-piece, to say the least.  


Monday, October 27, 2014

MONDAY. It's Monday again. Which basically means piecing together the week's wears somewhat coherently. I know mood changes occur depending on the side of the bed you roll off of, but Fall for me is more or less predictable. I get to get creative with layers and textures that come in different shades of black, black, and the occasional grey. And you can argue that grey is a shade of black, but  not as far as my work uniform is concerned! So today is for making that hand-to-chin contemplative pose in front of the closet, while in the last of Summer's pjs.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

THURSDAY. The fact that autumn is here does not negate the use of lighter neutrals and summer garb for daily wear. I mean it's pretty much just adding a thick-ish sweater to feather-weight dresses for most concoctions... And I realized that sometimes the 90s jacket-knotted-round-hip thing is more comfortable sitting at the waist. May add a bit of bulk to the actual waistline, but cinches for an overall look better than adding to the hips for some, methinks.

wang x hm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TUESDAY. While cutting, sewing, configuring thises and thats for my Halloween costume this year, I've a calendar at the back of my head that includes visiting H&M downtown November 6th when they open their doors to Wang adorers.
What I've always appreciated about Alexander's designs is that he considers the whole person and daily activities before deciding fabrics and shapes. My first Wang purchase was 5ish years ago. It was the simplest black tank top that was so perfectly flowy, comfortable, and lightweight that I would go to bed in it, roll over for a mild yoga session at the university gym, and throw a sweater atop with the tank peeking underneath as my lazy option for classes.
My first and main love while looking through his lookbook for the H&M collab is that gym bag, mostly because I'm in need of a gym bag and this timing couldn't come more relevantly. I've already got a good hooded, warm, waterproof jacket, a staple form-fitting LBD, and a good yoga mat... Though we'll see where my luck falls. Not one much for branding, but I wouldn't mind the "Wang"ed out grey body con number, too...



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jacket: A | X  | Tshirt: H&M (mens) | Pant: All Saints 

THURSDAY: On a quick grocery errand in the International District with a good girlfriend yesterday. Once I picked up the essentials -- ramen packs, inexpensive veggies, and bulk soy sauce -- we went for steamed and pan-fried potstickers and ice-cold beer.  Ergo, keeping everything low-key in the white T and black everything else combination. Not a bad way to spend the hump day.  


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