Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Blouse: Ann Klein | Shorts & Hat: Zara | Purse: Claire Vivier | Sandals: Sanuks

TUESDAY. Boxy tees are usually out of my wardrobe's vocabulary, but the texture of this one along with the neutral hue made me stray from my normal drapey preferences. You know I'll be looking for a similar colored pant to make for that simple outfit I'm often after. The feeling of these suede shorts are similarly addictive. Texture play all the way. Did you know Seattle is the top city in the U.S. for sunglasses purchases? Said some researchy thingy I read somewhere on the internet... Reason being -- as indicated by my hat, above -- because we lose them all the time. Every year. Throughout the year. When you rarely use something, it's usually chucked in a miscellaneous drawer, left at a coffee shop, or just straight up runs away.
Regardless, sunny weather is here! 

Monday, April 27, 2015


Promotion photos: Anthony Ponce de Leon | Hair and makeup: Aveda 

MONDAY. With all the changes sprinting head first into this city lately, it's become more comforting to have any kind of ode of representation to Seattle. My alma mater Seattle University's Fashion Club held their 8th Annual On My Block fashion show this year, with this year’s theme titled VIVID REVIVAL. The term “On My Block” represents Seattle fashion and all the sartorial inspiration we can find, literally, on our block. This fashion show represents Seattle to its fullest capacity. Seattle boutiques, Seattle University students, and Seattle artists all collaborated to create an incredible and entertaining show. 
President to the club, Chelsea Johnston, pulled together all of the looks for the show ensuring that the outfits read as a story to the audience. Darker hues, street style, and heavier fabrics emerged first, followed by brighter, lighter ensembles fit for summer weather. The conglomerate of stores featured -- Stussy, Bait, Zebra Club, Le Frock, Goodwill, and Lucky Vintage -- had the clothes to represent the theme and Seattle beautifully. To seam together the contrasted styles, all female models were painted with thickly winged eyeliner and a bright pink lip, done up with flowy waves and sporadic braids incorporated with different looks. The male models had slicked back hair with minimal makeup. 
Production Chair and design major Kate Burson constructed the runway to make sure that the university's Student Center space transformed into a fierce and attractive environment.  
The opening performance by Nick Weihe "Saint Thomas and the wall art" created an energy to set up the transformative story and most importantly represented Seattle. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Blouse: Chico's | Skort: Aritzia | Shoes: Sam Edelman

SUNDAY. It's getting to be silky blouse weather again. Not that I don't wear the material year round with strategic layering. But proper weather in the sense that I can unbutton here and there and wear plain as day... but with my cozy sweater on standby. Plus I appreciate that the tail is long enough to disguise the fact that I'm wearing skorts. Win, win. 

Get this look for $58+ on Lookastic: Black Mini Skirt, Black Leather Ankle Boots, and Black Silk Long Sleeve Blouse

Monday, March 30, 2015


Jewelry: Baleen

MONDAY. Had the opportunity to play dressup with local designers, Baleen jewelry a few weeks prior. It was such a fun, unexpected time! But who wouldn't want to lounge around in a pretty Seattle studio in a silky lacy number laced with delicate baubles drinking bubbles? Not me.

Hair/Makeup: Amanda Ochoa
Photography: Linda Aguilera
Styling: Both

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Coat: DIY (my friend, Michael Flores) | Scarf & Legging: Zara | Boots: Vera Wang for Nordstrom

TUESDAY. Went a little insane with the street food and shopping for organizational items at MUJI on a quick weekend in New York. Found the amber refillable pump bottles and labels for my bathroom goods. Because, nerd. Thankfully, went to visit my little brother who confirmed that I'd just dodged the snow fest bullet... though it was plenty frigid enough for this West Coaster. Layering away the pizza belly in a hobo-ly manner to keep insulated. Two vests and a blanket-turned-carcoat later....


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