Saturday, November 28, 2015


Dress: YOINS | Necklace: Banana Republic
Photos: John Balbin

SUNDAY. Where before I was always avoiding long garb -- in all my 5'4" goodness -- I now have a slightly more open mind for them. Following layering geniuses using monochromatic palettes and skinny, tapered pants with such tunics, I adopted this creme light knit piece, courtesy of YOINS. With its tagless make, I can wear this baby v-necked or boat-necked (read: occasionally wear backwards). Also, perfect for lounging with a tumbler of woman's best friend. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


MONDAY. You stateside readers have about one more week for my posts to be confusingly off date... assuming I get another post in by then. Guam's motto: "Where America's day begins" aka we forever in the future, Bs. The point being, it's Monday and its a moodboard one... 
Peace, art, and comfort. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


THURSDAY. Something so clean (and toasty) about doubling up on torso-heating wool by belting your simplest, button-less coat with a thick, same colored...belt. Plus the casual sleeve-scrunch was always a more comfortable situation for my arm cloths, personally. And just for the sake of having a portal to sexy coats, here. For the Northern Hemisphere dwelling minimalist on your Christmas list. 

Friday, November 13, 2015


Photos: Martin Lanot (Paris September 2015)

SATURDAY. When I think back on my recent trip (which, yes, I'm still doing), I realize that what I categorized as a massive summer sabbatical actually spanned three seasons: Spring in Copenhagen to Fall in Munich. And the four separate occasions in which I flew (or bussed, or trained, or drove..) to Paris to visit good friends amounted to a month-long exposure in the French capital. These photos are from -- as one would guess by the wool shawl and quarter-length sleeves -- the transition into Autumn visit for a friend's monthly art gallery event, which always seeks to bring different artists and people into one, comprehensive space.  
Waking up on this side of the world to the city's current state of emergency was and remains, for me and many worldwide, a nerve-racking mood by which to be surrounded. We forget the chaos around us when we are personally at peace. With ALL the recent and ongoing tragedies summoned by extreme (fill in the blank)s -- and this not being a blog of world events -- I simply reserve these thoughts for my loved ones and theirs.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


MONDAY. Entering in -- bravely or not -- to holiday season. IN SPACE TO. An essentially full 2 months of harsh weather and eating/drinking too many no-nos. Thankfully, I'm on my og side of the world, where Korean face care is inexpensive. My saviors for the season of bad skin: Missha's hydrating toner and water supply essence, both of which feel so good, like my skin is actually taking in the ingredients, and present the effects I need for my dry and semi blotchy face. Love.


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