Vest: Varosh (also, borrowed from my brother w/o permission...) | Sports bralette: PINK | Skirt: Elie Tahari (DIY cut) | Mules: Dr. Scholl's 

FRIDAY. "Happy weekend" for those of you who find that applicable. I'll join you for Happy Hour, in spirit (vodka, to be precise), while reminding myself every day of the week as it comes, for orientation purposes. Example: Jessie, today is Friyay. You're in Seattle. Here are some black clothes to keep you stable. Otherwise ticking off to-dos when I can, liiiiike getting a haircut. 

We all know I'm not one to consult when it comes to maintaining the locks (if only I could just wash and wear, take little care). But the situation was dire... It's pictured here in a messy chignon because I was en route to getting a professional haircut. A few nights prior, I was found holding pair of shears up to my head, ready to saw off the matted pseudo-dreads that had formed over the course of the last 2 months. It was my mother who found me and it was she who --over a course of 4 hours over 3 days-- oiled/brushed them out. And then Elizabeth over at Collage Salon rescued it some more by chopping off a hands length of ruined ends and introducing me to Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, "for those who love to look polished, elegant, and smooth but hate to work at it." 

✋ Me. That's me. I hate working at it.
 Excellent marketing.
And now I'm that much closer to being "normal." Godforbid.



SATURDAY. Decompressing on the home front, just slapping together a hodgepodge of inspo and mood-lifters. Dust rose (because I'll never utter the "P" word [rhymes with "think"]) and tans seem to be my weaknesses lately. I've just returned from my month in Spain ✈ Denmark and all I find myself doing productively is rethinking my wardrobe, cutting up old clothes into "new" and otherwise recycling items in general for the closet and the home. I've powertooled a couple tables in the last 5 weeks for various reasons (and so now she thinks she's a pro), so just waiting on that handsome old wood door (that I still have to find) to transform into a dining room table. Next on the agenda: a new apartment with an actual dining room space, please. I also have a couple blank canvases that need some haphazard swipes of paint to add to the walls of said new apartment. Basically, I need to give a couple more f*cks. 



MONDAY. Still alive -- hair in serious knots and leather vintage clothes in sharp spike. Because I am très grungy, such edge... Picked up a couple second-hand scrappy clothes when in Barcelona (this blouse has duct tape on the inner armpits believeit and I had to deseam the lining of this mini skirt because it peeked out every time I sat, bent over, cartwheeled, etc.) Meanwhile, just taking the half-tuck a little too seriously while wandering the streets in search of siesta hour wine. Typical.



Dress: Jahta | Shrug: {vintage, unbranded} | Belt: Eileen Fisher | 
Boots: {Portugese cobbler, unbranded} | Clutch: {vintage, unbranded} 

TUESDAY. Being Spring's posterior, I'll dare to say I've had a timely return to my stomping grounds. Though my last three months abroad have been in company of many sun rays, Seattle summers are something of fairytales. 

Soooo, what better way to spend my re-assimilating period, than to tromp around in a newly minted designer's sun-friendly frock? I met Jahrden Nadi of the soon-to-come line Jahta (see her Instagram, here) at a popular breakfast spot in Varanasi, and we melded over our love of muted "colors" and comfy fabrics. She gave me the first successful copy of this creme-colored, raw silk dress to style in city streets, and I took that as an opportunity to throw on a knit shrug in the same family of beige and my grungiest boots and faux-croc clutch. Because, doll up, doll down.

I asked Jahrden to reveal the meaning behind her brand name and vision. The Israeli designer chose the Hindi translation for dreads ("Jata" / जट) to represent her creations that are predominately handmade and in natural fabrics. The cloths come in black (our favorite) and un-dyed (necessary) to represent Jahrden's binary worlds - the "light and dark, city or village, good or bad ... [she likes] to show the contrast between super natural cloths that fit to realistic life." Her unique cuts in this basic palette align so well with my wardrobe philosophy and aesthetic. Whether worn layered or naked, her looks are guaranteed to fit into most closets, from desert dwellers to temperate temps. (Read: Do brunch in L.A. or caffeinate in Seattle alleyways.) More on her upcoming line, soon! 

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