Saturday, November 12, 2016


SATURDAY. Rise and shine, Party people - it's the weekend. It's a rainy start for me (so only internal shining, I'm afraid), but I'm about to meet some friends for the Eileen Fisher warehouse sale and hopefully grab some essentials for restarting my fall wardrobe/life. Seen here in fading-wax jeans, faux croc booties nabbed in Portugal, a largely-hooded, double-lined coat (with inside pockets wtfyesssss), comfy sweater, and throw-around leather satchel that sometimes turns into a backpack. Notice how the shoes are navy blue... Trying to switch up the black on black business, as you can plainly see....

te amo, 

Monday, November 7, 2016


MONDAY. It's been an entire week since October's death, but I'm still finding miscellaneous candy wrappers in odd pockets while my Princess Mononoke costume still hasn't quite inched its way to the hamper... (just to give you a little tmi re: my troublingly messy home, right now). The only thing I had to shell out for was the red face paint... a whole $2.00. Otherwise, finally let some of my costume baubles breathe, as too my ballet leotard, and scraps of leather and mantle fur. My favorite collateral of Halloween bleeding into the real after life - this old fur coat gifted to me years ago is finally going to get its due use. It had the tackiest lining and the most impractical form of warmth for the PNW (Because rain). So I unseamed the innards to be its most raw for last weekend's shenanigans and to now hang ever so comfortably over my living room sofa. Furry stretches of cloth + Tv-facing seating = Dangerous. Bring on the cold season!  

Thursday, September 15, 2016


THURSDAY. If it's soft, slightly over-sized, and falls in some people's category of black, it's a keeper. This cupro, backless travel partner was choice for its comfort to kick it poolside, in the city, or drifting to sleep in your summer hammock. Might I recommend bar-hopping with that lace underlay peeping, sleekify-ing with your trusty blazer for the office, letting it fall over jeans, haphazardly into trousers, canoodle with any fit skirt/short/skort... It goes with nothing and everything (and you want it to). My type of gal.   

Top: American Apparel | Sandals: Sanuk 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Dress: Zara | Strap: Eileen Fisher | Purse: Liebeskind | Sandals: Sanuk

WEDNESDAY. Took a short getaway to Portugal's Alfama neighborhood for my annual fix of cobble streets and seen-it-all alleyways. As much as I love the challenge of artful layering, I savor the moments life allows me to throw on a single piece of garb and slide out the front door. This suedey dress and roped go-to travel sandals gave me just the Dornishy vibe I was hoping to have whilst exploring old town. And my living accommodations consisted of an inconspicuous grey exterior with a skeleton key for the entry portal, so there was that. Pat on the back, Airbnb.   

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Unearthed this tshirt from the back of my dresser drawers..(That sect of clothing I'd totally outworn in my travels/contemplated chucking). Glad left-brained Jessie thought to keep it- it's the softest, tissue-y, most basic (just barely black-green) no fuss thing.. Wore it with some silk trousers, cuffed, a more obvious green because it just felt like more than a tshirt and jeans type of weekend. Layered up with my trusty lightweight cracked faux leather jacket..floppy lapels, standard. Anddd an old lizard-skinned clutch.. for Godknowswhy..I told myself, no more purses, you don't need more purses. 
$17 and some mothballs later.. 
Last, but not leastest, my new bamboo-framed sunnies from Panda. We're only half way through summer, Gents. I'd recommend getting an actual good pair of sunglasses like these ones. 
Read my review, HERE. *slash/my last post...*

What a hodgepodge going on here. 

P.S. This jacket doubles as a grass covering blanket, so going to grab a bottle of Campari and a copy of the Stranger and watch people catch Pokemon in the park. Ciao for now.


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