Thursday, February 16, 2017


Jeans: Idle Minds [diy torn] | Blouse: H&M | Inside Vest: muse muse | Cardigan: unmarked [vintage] | Outer Vest: BCBG

THURSDAY. When I shut off my alarm in the early A.M. and ask Siri in a pre-caffeine garble what the weather is like, and he's all, "35F and sunny," I edit my outfit accordingly. Like mean layers and torso insulation, because sun is deceiving in Winter. Oddly enough, this last week has read these forecasts while feeling pleasant enough to allow for my ideal work-to-play assembly -- silk-ish button-downs with a little oopsiedaisy lace under garm. It also rarely hurts to mix the more elegant textures with your torn denim (torn denim without showcasing longjohns, preferably.)
PS Any talk that Navy and Black can't be friends -- utter bull butter.

Monday, February 6, 2017


Cardigan: Eileen Fisher | Sweater (outer): Zara | Sweater (inner): Banana Republic | Purse: Liebeskind | Shoes: Sam Edelman 

MONDAY. If you squint hard enough, my oversized cardigan is just a notch lighter than my main sweater. Say, monochromatic chic? If you're being honest, I'm faux pas-ing and wearing grey and tan. But it is to-the-bones cold and I think my gradient sleeve should indicate the amount of layers requisite to step outside, even if only to throw out the compost. (I could really use some Portugal right about yesterday.) In the meantime keeping my conglomerate of granny knits in check with just enough vegan leather.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


THURSDAY. Cozy in greyblues, embracing my default bedhead.
What is a hairbrush?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Sweater: Costco | Pants: Rag & Bone | Coat: unbranded, Grandmother's | Boots: unbranded, Lisbon

TUESDAY. Sun game strong, colder bite.
I went all utility last week, with this core-warming cashmere vneck (worn frontside back...), hooded wool frock, and zippered denim. But, like, actually real zippers, that lead to sincere pockets. Which, in turn, spawned the recent cat-call, "Nice Edward Scissorhands pants."
"How about I Edward Fortyhands smash glass into your--," said me to no one, ever.
The soft materials and tortoise-shell frames, in turn, secured my hard leather, bold zip details from looking overdone. Right? Maybe? At least, that was my intent....


Tuesday, January 10, 2017



TUESDAY. Silk greens dancing backways and half ajar. I embrace winter's low af temperatures by way of fussing with all layerable pieces in my closet. I'll do a long piece with a longer piece, hues a few notches apart (like a forest and an olive), figure things that make sense to add and retract as you run from heated apartment to your crowded coffee stop through your 30 minute commute. And yet this day, I craved ice and milk with my caffeine fix. Didn't spill a drop on my blouses...  

As for my lower half, my fellow suede-trouser cladded friend across the table posed it best:

|  I just have croissant crumbs embedded in my pants. Forever. And coffee stains.

Refreshing to hear that I'm not alone.
 Inner Blouse: no label | Button-down: H&M | Pant: BCBG 


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